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Automated Reminders (Beta)

Small Improvements can automatically send emails or Slack notifications to your employees, reminding them of certain tasks. Check out our Recipe for Automated Reminders and learn more about how to build your feedback culture!

Here’s what to think about before creating the automation:

  • Who should get the reminder? In a broad sense, is this a reminder that applies to the entire company or just to managers? Do you want to limit the reminder to people in a specific department or location? Should anyone be excluded from the reminder?
  • What should trigger the reminder? Is it a specific action? Or do you want the reminder sent at regular intervals?
  • What should the reminder say? Do you want the recipients to take a specific action, or are you just alerting them to something?

Getting Started

Click New Automation.

Then click Reminder.

(Or learn about automated feedback requests)

Create your Automation

Start by picking the group of employees you want the reminder sent to – the entire company or only managers.

What triggers the reminder?

You can send All Employee reminders based on the hiring date or at regular intervals.

All Employee reminders

You can send Manager reminders if they have not had a 1:1 Meeting with their reports or requested feedback for their reports in a certain time period.

Manager reminders

When is the reminder sent?

The interval for sending the reminder is based on the action that triggers the reminder.

For employee reminders:

  • If it runs based on hiring date, how long after hiring do you want it to run?
  • If it runs at a regular interval, how often should it run?

For manager reminders:

  • The reminder is sent based on the last time a manager had a 1:1 Meeting with their reports or requested feedback for their reports.

Additionally, for Manager reminders, you can repeat the notification until that manager schedules a meeting with a report or requests feedback for their reports.

Specify the recipients

Use the Department and Location filters to target specific segments of your employees.

Your employee profile data is important here. You’ll want to ensure you’re using standardized Department and Location terms.

By default, your automation will target everyone in your company. You can use this section to limit a reminder to specific departments – your engineering team may need different reminders than your marketing team. Or one location may need a specific reminder that another location does not.

You can also exclude specific people from these reminders. You’ll list those folks out individually.

Write the reminder

Finally, you’re ready to write the reminder. You can use replacement text to personalize the message.

How should we send it?

You can send this reminder as an email or a Slack notification (if Slack is enabled).

Final steps

Your last step is to give the automation a name. Make it descriptive, so you know which is which!

You can save and launch it immediately or save it as a draft to finish up later.

Updated on June 2, 2023

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