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BambooHR – Synchronizing Only a Subset of Your BambooHR Users

If you only want 30 out of your 600 employees to trial Small Improvements, or if you only want to synchronize full-time workers (and not contractors), you can sync a subset of users. 

In cases like these, you’ll use a custom access level in BambooHR. 

Users with a custom access level can be set to view only certain users. You can create a custom access level, assign a user that custom access level, and use that user’s API key inside Small Improvements.

Create the new access level

In BambooHR, create a brand new customer access level called “Small Improvements” that has limited access to specific fields. 

Click the Settings/gear icon, click Access Levels and + New Access level: 

Enter the access level name and description, below is an example:

Access Level Permissions

Next, you can leave the sections on step 2 blank: 

Access Level Visibility

On the third step, you’ll need to make sure that this custom access level has access to specific fields: 

These fields include Status, Gender, and Location, but you can also enable view access for other fields. If you forget this setting, we cannot load all the fields, and the synchronization will be incomplete. 

Select your employees

Select the employee list to select which departments or job roles the access level should sync: 

You’ll be prompted with a pop-up to select the department: 

Once you’re ready, save and finish. 

Add a new fake user to the importer

We don’t recommend using your own BambooHR account to set up the access level as you would be limiting your own access to BambooHR. 

Instead, add a new user in Bamboo called “Small Improvements Import User” (or something which helps you remember the purpose of this user), and then grant this user the Small Improvements access level. 

Create a new user by clicking the new employee menu: 

Caution: you may need to use a personal Gmail address or have your IT team create an email. 

You can add the user to the access level from the access level screen: 

Your final access level should look like: 


You’ll need to first log in as the fake user if you’ve set up a fake user for this purpose. 

You’ll grab the API key by selecting the avatar and “API Keys” in the top right-hand corner:

You’ll generate the new API key using the Add a New Key button:

You’ll need to click ‘show’ next to the new key and copy it: 

Copy and paste the API key into Small Improvements 

Visit the configuration tab in the BambooHR setup screen in Small Improvements and add the API key you generated to the required field – below is a screenshot showing where to locate this option. 

We’ll start syncing new staff within 2 hours with automatic syncing enabled, or you can sync right away from the Preview screen. You can preview to see the data that’s being pulled in for your subset of users. 

Updated on February 15, 2023

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