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Collaborate and Deliver: Objective Alignment and Key Results

When HR administrators and their mangers are thinking of implementing a goal setting process for their teams, they often have two important considerations: 

  • How do employees align their objectives around broader company priorities?
  • How can staff be as specific as possible when outlining their targets?

We got answers! 

Alignment through Categories

We tackle lightweight goal alignment via the ability customize categories by each new cycle, instead of globally locking categories for all objective cycles your HR Admins create as was once the case in an earlier iteration of the tool.

With this enhancement- HR Admins can now create cycles centered around company priorities, and by customizing the cycle’s categories to cross reference these priorities- Managers and their teams can align their goals to these “bigger” company directives.

It works even better if HR Admins utilize the introduction field of a cycle to detail (or hyperlink to) the company priorities.

Admins or the top of the org structure could even create a company goal within the tool (they or the CEO would “own” the goal), make it publicly visible to all, and then hyper link to that goal from the cycle introduction- Thus keeping users in the platform when communicating broader company priorities. 

How an HR Admin can enable:

What it looks like when setting an objective:

And check how easy it is to see how your company’s objectives all fit into the larger picture:

Deliverables using Key Results

Oh but wait! There is more. We also provide the ability break objectives down by achievable components, making completing a goal more actionable and measurable. 

Key Results are on by default- If, as a HR Admin, you’d like to disable them- Just uncheck the box. 

Great, but what does this look like? 

Creating and working on an Objective with Key Results:

In Summary

Using these options, especially both in conjunction with each other, is an excellent way to get your team to opt-in to a goal setting process.

We hope it helps drive engagement and productivity at your company! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. We welcome both! 

Updated on May 10, 2021

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