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Creating and editing vs updating objectives

In the cycle setup for an objective cycle there are two options for allow edits to objectives. Below are details on what each one of these timeline settings mean and what the employee can take action on. 

Creating and updating objectives 

This is controlled by the date you set in the “Employees can create and edit objectives until” field This date allow the following updates until the date you specify: 

  • Deleting objectives
  • Updating the objective title
  • Updating the objective due date
  • Updating the objective description
  • Adding key results and editing key result text
  • Changing the category of the objective 
  • Changing objective visibility
  • Moving the objective to another cycle 

Updating objectives

This is the date you set in the “Employees can update objectives until” field. Updating consists of:

  • Status updates
  • Checking off Key Results
  • Completion rating updates
  • Adding comments on the objective
  • Employees cannot edit the description, add new key results, change the due-date, move, delete or copy the objective 
Updated on November 19, 2020

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