Evaluating Tenure

The tenure of your employees is a calculation of how long people stay with your organization. A lot of short tenures can indicate problems in your hiring process or with employee onboarding, so we show you the average tenure for each department. We also show you the Average Tenure for the entire organization and for each department.

Note that we determine that someone has left the organization when you add a Termination Date to their employee profile. The employee’s active or deactivated status in your account does not factor into this calculation.

From the overview page, click the “Tenure” tab:

Tenure at the time of leaving 

This tab details how long people had been at your organization when they left. You can select the time period you want to see: the past year, past 2 years, or all time.The red segments are people who were at your organization for less than 12 months. Longer tenures are in green. Hover over a segment to see more information. 

Average tenure 

This tab shows the average duration of employment at your organization. It is calculated based on people actively employed at your organization during the specified time period. Tenure is always displayed in months.

Tenure by department

The average tenure for each department, with the change in tenure for the current year and the previous year. Use this to see which departments are getting better or worse at retaining employees.

Hover over the column “Tenure distribution at time of leaving” to see what percentage of people left within 12 months of their hire date. That visual is represented in red. 

The last three columns show the change in tenure from the previous calendar year to the current year-to-date, along with the percentage of change.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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