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Evaluating Turnover

Use the Turnover report to evaluate the percentage of your employees who left during a given time period. A high turnover rate can mean there are issues at the department or team level.

We calculate turnover as the number of employees who have left during a specific time period, divided by the average number of employees at the organization during that same time. Your turnover rate can be higher than 100% if you lose employees faster than you replace them.

Note that we determine that someone has left the organization when you add a Termination Date to their employee profile. The employee’s active or deactivated status in your account does not factor into this calculation.

From the Overview page, click the “Turnover rate” tab:

Turnover in the company as a whole

The graph shows the company’s annual turnover rate. The current year’s data is year-to-date. Hover over the graph to see the precise turnover percentage for that year. Click the Period menu to see turnover for the past year, past 2 years, or all time

Turnover in individual departments

Below the company graph is a graph for each individual department. The default view is sorted by the departments with the highest turnover in the current calendar year. Each column header is sortable.

Click on a department name for more details. We’ll show you historical data on each department manager, and the turnover rate during their tenure.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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