Exporting Objectives

So you need to export your company objectives data for further number crunching? No problem, we have you covered! As an HR admin user, you are able to export the data to Excel and CSV. 

Where to export Objectives

The quickest way to export your Objectives cycle data is by navigating to Company > Objectives and selecting Export.

Exporting Objectives sorted by owner

If you’d like to export objective data based upon the employee who created the objective, you’ll select the first export option, Ordered by Owners.

From here, you are able to pick and choose which types of data should be included as columns in the report. You can also choose between .xls format or .csv format for the generated report.

Exporting Objectives sorted by Objective

If you’d like to export by objectives, including the entire list, you’ll select the second option. You’ll see similar column customization options and data format options.

Where do I go to access exported data?

After your export is complete, you will see a window letting you know that the file is available.

Recent exports can be accessed on the right-hand side of your home page, seen below:

Exports can also be accessed from the Latest Exports page that is found under Administration.

Updated on November 20, 2020

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