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Gamify feedback and praise to boost engagement

In the fast-paced world of modern workplaces, ensuring that your employees remain engaged is no small feat. However, there’s a powerful strategy to maintain your team’s productivity and job satisfaction: transforming feedback and recognition into a game.

Connect constructive feedback with Praise

You’ll be using Feedback Requests as the initial opportunity to provide constructive feedback and to set the stage for the game. But don’t stop there – follow it up with Praise.  

By reinforcing feedback with praise, you’ll not only reward feedback-forward behavior but also foster a culture of employee recognition. Ready to start the game?

The fundamentals of the feedback game

Step 1: Automated Feedback Requests – Make it a breeze

First, set up Automated Feedback Requests. Work life gets busy, and giving feedback can slip through the cracks. By automating Feedback Requests, you ensure that everyone gets a shot at sharing their thoughts and insights. It’ll simplify the process for everyone.

For more information on how to set up Automated Feedback Requests, click here.

Step 2: Celebrate feedback heroes – It’s game on

Here comes the fun part. Run reports monthly or quarterly to find out who has given the most feedback. These are your feedback heroes, and they deserve some recognition. 

Keep it simple with a shoutout during a team meeting or go a step further for more fun. Tangible rewards and incentives are always a hit. Consider extra time off, or other meaningful rewards that align with your employees’ interests. A personalized touch goes a long way.

Recognition can also come in the form of investing in your employees’ growth and development. Offer training opportunities, an increased learning budget, or extra days off to work on projects that align with their career goals. Show that you recognize their value and are willing to invest in their progress.

To learn more about Praise, take a look at our Help Center article.

Step 3: Praise badges – Wear them with pride

On to the next level – Praise badges. This combines recognition with a visual appeal. Use Praise badges that align with your company’s vision for an extra kick. It’s one of the many ways to encourage employee alignment with your company’s values.

And there you have it! With these three basic steps to gamifying feedback with Small Improvements, you should be able to get your people talking about feedback.

Want to customize your badges? Learn how to here.

A few extra moves

While the first three steps provide a solid foundation for gamifying feedback, let’s explore a few more ways to get your team excited about feedback through Small Improvements:

Step 4: Use specific awards to keep the momentum going

Don’t forget to announce specific meanings tied to each badge. For instance, if “Be the change you seek” is a badge, make sure everyone knows what the badge is for. It keeps the excitement alive and gives your employees something to strive for.

Step 5: Slack integration – Make recognition easy

Bonus points if you have the Slack integration going. It makes it incredibly easy to publish Praise from Slack. With the integration, it’s possible to instantly acknowledge someone’s hard work or great idea, and everyone in the channel gets to see it. 

To learn more about integrating Praise in Slack, take a look at this Help Center article.

Step 6: The power of public recognition

Remember, public recognition can work wonders. Whether it’s during team calls, 1:1s, or company-wide meetings, acknowledging your employees’ achievements in front of their peers can boost morale and motivation. 

Tips for a successful feedback game:

  • Start small. Don’t try to implement too many changes all at once. Start small and see how it goes.
  • Involve employees. Seek feedback from your employees during the program’s design and implementation to ensure it resonates with their preferences and values.
  • Prioritize fun: Ensure that gamification elements align with your company culture and provide enjoyment and fulfillment for employees.
  • Be consistent. Maintain consistency in your rewards and recognition program so that employees understand what to expect and how to earn rewards.
  • Celebrate successes. When your program reaches its goals, celebrate these successes with your employees to keep everyone engaged.

So, go ahead and gamify feedback, turn your employees into feedback heroes, and watch their engagement take off. Let the games begin!

Updated on September 29, 2023

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