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General cycle administration

An important administrative task in Small Improvements is creating and managing cycles – whether for Performance Reviews, 360 degree Feedback or Objectives.


A cycle is a container that empowers you to define how and when all of the individual reviews, 360 feedback, and objectives will be grouped, formatted, and shared. You can create and view all cycles from the individual Cycle Management page for each of these features.

You kick off a new cycle whenever necessary and individuals can even be part of multiple, independent cycles that can run in parallel or overlap. We’ve designed them to offer a wide level of flexibility so you can mix and match all of the features and settings you need to make Small Improvements suit your needs.

Cycle Administration

The cycle overview pages for your Company, whether for Performance Reviews, 360 degree Feedback or Objectives, let you create or copy cycles to easily fire up a new round of feedback – when you start them, how long they run for, and how often, is up to you!

Additional Cycle Information

You can easily check out manager and employee progress directly from the cycle administration pages. Some simple graphs show you the status of the reviews in a cycle. This allows you to compare different cycles and quickly gain insight into how things are progressing. 

If you click to see a cycle’s information, you’ll see the cycle’s description, who is able to manage the cycle, and a list of all enabled settings.

If you’re looking at a performance review or 360 feedback cycle, you’ll also see all the questions employees will answer. The Timeline is displayed, so you can see the cycle in its temporal context – hover to view upcoming due dates and explore the cycle’s Timeline, or click on the cycle to view all relevant dates at once.

Cycle administration actions

The cycle administration pages under the Company tab gives you fast access to perform actions on your cycles.

The following common actions can be performed both from the Cycle Management and partly from the Company Overview:

  • Edit Cycle Settings: You can change a cycle’s core data, like name, description, settings etc.
  • Copy Cycle: You can copy a cycle’s core data to kick off a new cycle based on the core data.
  • Archive Cycle: You can archive a cycle to visually clean up your cycle list and hide it from the main view. The action doesn’t limit you to perform other operations on the cycle nor its content. The archive action is reversible.
  • Export Cycle Data: Export cycle data to Excel or CSV
  • Delete Cycle: You can delete a cycle with all its content (Feedbacks, Reviews, Objectives). Be careful when performing this action. Consider archiving the cycle instead!
  • Preview Questionnaire: Quickly preview the questionnaire for your cycle that will be seen by participants

There may be more actions depending on the Cycle Management page. Visit each modules Administration Documentation to get a more detailed view on the administration itself:

Performance Reviews Administration

360 degree feedback Administration

Goals and Objectives Administration

Updated on February 24, 2021

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