New Admin Guide

Congratulations and welcome to your new role as an Administrator in Small Improvements!

We’ve put together some quick tips and curated a list of resources to help you as you familiarize yourself with the tool.

It’s likely your account has been customized to some extent already by prior Admins. If you’re able, speaking with them will be the most helpful way to understand how your organization has configured and used Small Improvements in the past. 

How Small Improvements works

As an Admin, you’ll use a combination of 360 FeedbackReviewsObjectives1:1 Meetings and Praise (recognition). These empower your organization to engage in regular, ongoing feedback with ease. Nearly everything is self-service, you’re in complete control of your account!

Each feature is very flexible individually. Mix and match them throughout the year to keep your team motivated and focused on what they’re doing well, with clear insights on how they can improve. You’ll trigger emails to managers and their teams to show them where to go.

  • For a quick overview, click the individual links above or check out our Product Page
  • For a more in-depth exploration, we recommend our Starter Guide

The starter guide is especially helpful when used in combination with a Sandbox account (explained below) while you learn.

You can also enable integrations to make using Small Improvements even easier, customize your design to match your brand, or edit email templates to fit your culture. Let’s get started!

Create a sandbox account

If you’re concerned about making changes to your company’s account while you get started, we recommend creating your own trial account. Using your personal email address (gmail, yahoo, etc.), sign-up for your account here.

Please note that you’ll need to enter your name and email address twice as the first time it will dissuade you if you’re using a common email service, like gmail. 

Administration overview

When you have the time, we recommend going through our guide to understanding Administration within Small Improvements. It’s comprehensive and will assist you in understanding the features you may want to use!

Keep this page or these links bookmarked for easy reference to our library of self-help material and latest updates or best practices:

Still can’t find the answer or information you’re looking for? We’re here to help! Email us:

User management

Before anyone can give feedback you’ll need to make sure your users are in Small Improvements and are up-to-date.

User Directory

You can view all of your current users, including any accounts that have been disabled, via the User Directory. You can always find it under the “Company” section of the navigation.

From the user directory you can:

  • Update a user’s basic information, like their email or reset their password
  • Change a person’s manager or remove a direct report.
  • Assign others Administrator privileges
  • Send welcome emails to new users
  • Deactivate or delete users
  • Manually add new users

Import users

The easiest way to add and update your users is by importing them. There are two ways:

  • User Importer Tool: Use our CSV/Excel template, it only takes a minute after setup.
  • BambooHR: If you’re a customer of this popular HRIS you can automatically maintain your users.

Single Sign-On

If you use a popular Single Sign-On (SSO) system, such as Google Apps, Okta, or OneLogin, there’s a good chance we support it. You can restrict your users to only login via SSO if necessary.

  • Google AppsIf your company uses Google Apps you can also use the same login for Small Improvements.
  • SAML SSO Setup: We support a wide range of SAML SSO platforms, including Okta and OneLogin. 

Customize your account

As it’s often overlooked, you should know that you can make Small Improvements look and feel like it’s a part of your organization! 

  • Custom Design: Add your logo and change the colors to match your brand.
  • Edit Email Templates: Most of the emails sent from Small Improvements can be edited to fit your needs and use the same tone as your company.
  • Feature Selection: Found under Administration, this is where you control which features you want to use. Disable those you’re not ready for or try out a new Beta feature!
  • Enable Integrations: Powerup feedback with our helpful integrations. Send Praise straight from Slack: sync feedback and your users with BambooHR; and make it easy to login with Single Sign-On

Feedback in Small Improvements

Managing feedback cycles

If you’re ready to have your team participate in a formal round of Reviews, 360 Feedback, or Objectives you’ll need to understand the concept of “cycles.”

A cycle powers an individual period of one of these three features. It acts as the container for the participants, timeline, settings, and (in the case of reviews and 360 feedback) the questions that will guide individuals.

Our Video Tutorials section covers cycle creation for the other features too.

Copying a cycle

Now that you understand a little about cycles we want to point out that your company likely already has existing cycles.

If you’d like to reuse the settings and details within a cycle your company has used, or the next time you want to reuse a cycle of your own creation, you can quickly copy it from the list of cycles for each individual feature. Here’s a screenshot demonstrating how:

Once you know how you want to configure a cycle, it’s super easy to roll out new ones in just a few minutes!

Cycle overview

Once a cycle has started, you can track the progress from the Overview page. From here you can observe and encourage participation so you can ensure the feedback or objectives are delivered on time.

There’s a lot to cover that we don’t have space to get into here, our article on General cycle administration goes into far more depth.

Most important for you to know:

  • You control when emails are sent, whether it’s informing team members to start writing their feedback or nudging them to complete it.
  • Cycles can always be edited after they’re created, extend the timelines or add participants if you need to.
  • Want to analyze the data from a cycle? You can can export responses, ratings, etc. for further use outside of Small Improvements.

Let’s take a look at the gif below of a couple export options:

Continuous Feedback

Beyond the cycles you manage, team members can give and receive feedback using 1:1 Meetings and Employee driven 360 cycles.

  • 1:1 MeetingsAre a convenient way for managers and team members to prepare for and record the details of their regular meetings. These are readily accessible and can be used for quick reference when writing feedback.
  • Request FeedbackYour staff can drive their own 360 cycles and receive feedback on demand, useful after completing large projects or transitions on the team. They choose their reviewers, the deadline, the topics, and who can see it and invite their colleagues to respond. 

We know there’s a lot to learn, but we’re confident you’ll find Small Improvements to be straightforward to use.

We’re here to help when you need it and ensure your success, should you require assistance finding an answer or have any feedback please send us an email at

Thanks for being a part of Small Improvements, we look forward to being your partner in performance management!

Updated on February 24, 2021

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