Pulse Surveys FAQ

How many questions can I have in the survey? 

There is no limit to how many questions can be in a survey. However, by definition Pulse Surveys are meant to be short and frequent. For surveys with a frequency between weekly and monthly, we recommend having 5-7 questions. For quarterly, try to keep under 20 questions. Guidance from SHRM suggests that employee surveys should not take more than five to seven minutes to complete.

Are all questions required? 

No, you can set questions to be required or optional. Results will be shown in reports as participants answer each question, but responses can be edited up until the deadline. Employees have to answer each question in order to submit their survey responses, but incomplete surveys are included in results. 

Are answers confidential?

Pulse Surveys in Small Improvements are confidential. Survey responses are aggregated in our reports for organizations, with a minimum group size of three people. Read this article, Confidentiality, and Anonymity, for more information. 

How do I remind employees? 

At this time, there are no automated reminders sent from our tool. 

Participants will be invited to complete the pulse survey via email or Slack. You could also encourage managers to remind their reports to complete the survey and explain its value, share reminders in employee forums, in internal newsletters, or in All Hands meetings.

How can managers or CEOs view results? 

You can use the “Share results” option to allow other people to see the results. 

How do I export my survey results? 

An export option is not currently available, but we offer a visual dashboard overview

Updated on February 24, 2021

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