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Small Improvements REST API


Small Improvements is a Single-Page-Application based on a REST API. While all data can be pulled from the API, we strongly discourage the use of our API unless you’re a product company wanting to build an integration or have a team of senior developers at your disposal. 

Is using the API for me?

We frequently get approached by HR staff who want to use Small Improvements data in a third-party reporting software or for an external calibration process. Accessing our API can be a viable way if you have permanent access to developers who are experienced at building, testing, storing, and maintaining API scripts on your end. 

  • Usually, though HR teams don’t have access to senior developers, and in that case, we’d encourage you to collaborate with our support team to find more pragmatic solutions by emailing support@small-improvements.com
  • Please reach out to us and describe what you’d like to achieve – maybe we already have a custom exporter that can provide your data in Excel or CSV format, which can then be fed into your process.

If you do have API developers on your team, please ask them to reach out to us with their requirements and proposals. Our developers will review the requirements, and if the project seems feasible, we’ll activate API access for your team and help with implementation.

API Documentation

The documentation is deliberately slim. You’ll find an overview of the Swagger-based docs here, but we don’t provide an in-depth tutorial. We expect that an experienced API developer will find their way around, and analyzing the network tab in the browser will provide extra cues. An inexperienced developer will struggle though, and we’d discourage you from getting started if you don’t have senior developers committed to your project.


  • The API is evolving based on our SPA needs, and some end-user screens like those for 360 feedback and performance reviews are not yet covered.
  • Please don’t build substantial product extensions based on the API. While we try to keep change small and predictable, things do change without notice.
  • In some cases (e.g. for billing contacts) an ID has to be provided. This is typically your company ID, which you can find on the Security page
  • Remember, all URLs need to get prefixed by /api/v2

In many cases, it may help to navigate to the screen within Small Improvements that already deals with the functionality you’re interested in and analyze the network tab in your browser to get a deeper understanding of how to call the API.

Authentication with your personal access token

When the API is enabled, your employees will find their personal access tokens on their profile page, under the Manage menu:

You’ll be able to create multiple tokens for any apps you want to integrate. When you create the token, you’ll only see it displayed once, so copy it right away!

You can revoke tokens individually or revoke all tokens at once.

Once you have an access token you can make requests to the API by specifying the Authorization header.

Example Request

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' https://app.small-improvements.com/api/v2/users/me -I

should respond with

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Updated on March 15, 2022

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