Microsoft Azure

Small Improvements is listed in Azure AD’s application gallery. For the best information, follow their setup tutorial.

You’ll need to reach out to our Support team for a subdomain.

You’ll also need to enter a Reply URL in your Azure configuration:

The Application Issuer URL is your account’s subdomain.

The HTTP Endpoint is your unique identifier through your Microsoft account.

Adjusting the welcome email

We recommend adjusting your email notification templates to avoid confusion.

Whenever you invite staff into Small Improvements, they receive an email about their account. This email also explains how to define their new password. But since they will use your SSO provider’s password instead, that email template should be changed.

Click Settings > Emails, then expand the Users & Administration section. Adjust the text in the “Welcome email with password setting instructions” template to remove the note about setting a password in Small Improvements. You can edit the other email templates to direct your employees to your SSO sign-on.

Updated on December 15, 2023

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