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Pulse Surveys for Everyone

You can still use Pulse Surveys with your company if you haven’t subscribed to the Retention and Engagement package for Unlimited Surveys.You can run 4 surveys per year using the curated question banks included with your account.

You can upgrade anytime to create additional surveys customized to your company’s needs seamlessly.

To start, click the Pulse Surveys link on your Admin menu, then Create Survey.


From there, select your participants. You can pick the entire company or create a targeted survey by selecting specific departments, teams, or locations.

Survey Details

Name and Description

First, give your survey a name. ‘Monthly Pulse Survey’ is the default, but we recommend changing that to something more meaningful to your employees. You can also add a description, which will be included in the notification. Use that space to tell your employees why you’re running the survey, what you hope to learn, etc.

Start date

You can start the survey immediately (that’s the default) or schedule it for a time in the future.


How often do you want the survey to run? You can run a one-time survey or schedule it to repeat weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. 

Enable the ‘Avoid Weekends’ toggle, and anytime a survey is scheduled to start on a Saturday or Sunday, we’ll hold it until Monday instead.


How long do you want to give your employees to respond? Adding a deadline to allow HR Admins to analyze data before the next round of responses can be helpful. You might allow employees to answer for 2 or 3 weeks with a monthly repeat. You can adjust that interval however you need.


The End date is the date of the last repeat of your survey. For example, if your monthly survey starts January 1, and you want to run it for 6 months, add an end date of June 30.

This is optional–your survey can run forever if you want! 


With the free version of the survey, you can select from one of our 3 curated question banks. Click the Preview button to see the questions. 

You can’t customize the questionnaire in the free version, so think about upgrading to get the full experience!


You can notify your employees via email or Slack if you have it configured. We can also send a reminder 7 days before the survey deadline.


When the survey is done, you can view the results. Use the filters to drill down into data by department, team, or location. 

Use the Share button to let non-admins see the results. 


If you want unlimited Pulse Survey, hover over the Create Survey button and you’ll see the link to upgrade.

You’ll be taken to your Subscription Details page. Select the Engagement & Analytics Add-on. Complete the checkout, and you’re all set!

As a bonus, you’ll get access to the Insights feature too!

Updated on March 6, 2024

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