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Participating in a Pulse Survey

What is a Pulse Survey?

A Pulse Survey is an opportunity for organizations to gather real-time feedback from their employees. Just as other features of Small Improvements enable employees to gather feedback on how they’re doing, Pulse Surveys do the same, but for organizations themselves. 

Unlike annual employee surveys, pulse surveys aim to take place more frequently and tend to be more lightweight. These surveys are designed to track the impact of company initiatives and changing environments on employee morale over time. 

Confidentiality and anonymity 

Pulse Surveys in Small Improvements are confidential. Survey responses are aggregated in our reports for organizations, with a minimum group size of three people. Read this article, Confidentiality and Anonymity, for more information. 

How to respond to a Pulse Survey

It’s very easy to respond to a Pulse Survey in Small Improvements. You will be notified to participate in a survey via email, in Small Improvements, or via Slack (if your organization has the Slack integration turned on). 

In the app, you can navigate to “Your Pulse Surveys” in the left-hand navigation shown below: 

Once on the Pulse Surveys screen, your latest Pulse Survey will appear waiting for you to complete it. 

Completing the Survey

Your responses will autosave as you complete, but you can always go back and change your responses before the deadline to respond. For some questions, you might have the opportunity to add a comment to offer context to your answer. 

Hit “Submit” once you’ve finished answering.

Updated on November 19, 2020

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