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Dates and deadlines in a 360 Feedback cycle

360 Feedback cycles are more flexible than a Performance Review cycle. These dates are soft deadlines. Your cycle timeline may look different depending on other cycle settings.

Cycle starts: the date your employees will be notified about the cycle and can take the first steps. If employees are nominating reviewers, this is when they get the notification to start nominating. If HR Admins have assigned reviewers, this is the date reviewers are notified to start writing.

Reviewees should nominate by: a suggested deadline for employees to nominate their reviewers. They can continue to nominate after this date.

Approval process begins: when managers can start approving nominees, if you’re using this option. This date can be set before the end of the nomination process to allow for rolling nominations and approvals.

When a manager approves reviewers, their employees cannot make further changes to their nominees.

Approval process ends: Managers should finish their approvals by this date, though they can continue to approve after it passes.

Feedback should be ready to share by: A suggested deadline for writing feedback. Reviewers can continue writing their feedback after this date.

Feedback released to managers: The date managers can see the submitted feedback. This is optional – you can enable the option to allow managers to see feedback as soon as the reviewer shares.

Feedback released to reviewees: The date employees can see the submitted feedback. Again, this is optional, and you can allow employees to see feedback immediately after the reviewer submits it. Managers can also release feedback before this deadline.

If feedback is shared after the release dates, it will be shared immediately with managers and reviewees.

Cycle ends: the deadline for submitting feedback.

When the Cycle Ends date passes, the prompt to write feedback is removed from the employee’s To Do tab on the Your Feedback page. Since the feedback form isn’t available, the employee can’t write or submit feedback after the deadline.

If they started writing before the deadline but didn’t share their feedback, it will be preserved as a saved draft. That means you can adjust the Cycle Ends date to let people finish up.

Updated on January 3, 2024

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