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Reviews for employees without a manager (like your CEO)

Technically you can create a performance review for the CEO, but they have no manager to contribute to the right-hand side of the review. So the experience can be confusing and no one other than the HR Admin can review that self-assessment.

Additionally, since they have no manager, they ultimately cannot share and sign off on their self assessment. 

Because of the above, we usually do not recommend using Reviews for your CEO, unless you explore some workarounds.

When configuring your org structure and thinking about how the CEO participates in feedback, one option to try out is simply having the CEO report to someone (in Small Improvements only, of course). But who?

There are two approaches:

Reporting to the HR user

As mentioned above, we occasionally recommend having an independent HR admin profile, associated with a log-in like “hr@yourcompany.com”.

Purely from a functional perspective, having your CEO report to this HR Admin user allows you to work around the above user-with-no-manager specific challenges.

No need to have a 360 just for the CEO, and there is a “flow” of feedback for the reviews module. There would still be no manager assessment in a review, but your CEO could share, sign, and commit their self-assessment to record, which carries value over time. 

Company as a user

A creative approach is to create a user profile for the company. For example, we use Small Improvements as our performance feedback platform.

So in addition to each team member having a user profile, including the CEO, we also have a user whose name is “Small Improvements”. 

Since your CEO does, in some way, report to the company itself. You can apply the same approach and benefits of having the CEO report to the HR Admin user (directly above), but add another layer by emphasizing the importance of the company as a whole.

Updated on August 3, 2021

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