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Sharing and signing reviews

Performance reviews are not automatically shared at the cycle deadlines. Each individual can share their review, though HR Admins do have the ability to share on behalf of employees.

If your employees can’t sign their reviews, it’s likely because one or both parties have not yet shared. You can check that on the cycle administration page:

Heather has shared her self-assessment, but Ginny has not shared her reviewer’s assessment.

Sharing reviews

As an HR Admin, it’s possible to share the manager’s portion of the review. This option is available using the action-item drop-downs on the overview screen. 

You cannot share an individual employee’s self-assessment. However, HR Admins can share every review in the cycle on the administration page:

HR Admins can share all reviews even after the sharing deadline has passed.

Unsharing Reviews

When a review is shared, each person can choose to unshare it from the body of the review. HR Admins can unshare reviews on behalf of the main reviewer. Self-assessments can only be unshared by the employee.

Note that you can only unshare reviews if the deadline to share has not yet passed. You can adjust the cycle settings to allow more time to edit reviews.

Editing signed reviews

Once the review is signed by either party, it is locked against further editing. If someone needs to edit their review, you’ll need to revoke the signatures.

HR Admins can revoke the signatures on the cycle’s Administration page:

  1. Revoke the signature of both parties (or reopen if Complete).
  2. The parties can now edit their reviews
  3. When the edits are done, they will need to re-share and then re-sign the reviews

Completing Reviews

Completing a review locks it from further editing without the signature of either party. Completing a review also counts it as finished in your cycle stats. You can complete all the reviews in a cycle from the Admin menu or complete individual reviews on the Action menu:

You can reopen a Completed review on the same menu.
Updated on April 27, 2023

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